Our Services



Scale Reproductions will provide a Model Technician to be on site to set up and breakdown your scale models. We work along with your Trade Show or Event Coordinators during install and breakdown process. If any models arrive damaged to your event or get damaged on site our Model Technician is able to make the necessary repairs.


As your custom scale models are very important and valuable pieces to your business we understand that not every office space is equipped to store and display these items. We offer at a very low monthly rate to store your scale model. They are fully insured and protected inside our facility.


Scale Reproductions provides a “white glove” delivery service for your newly fabricated, repaired or modified scale model to your requested destination. A Scale Reproductions Model Technician will hand deliver your scale model, set up your model, and clean the model to ensure that its ready for its display.


Have a broken or damaged model? No problem. We can fully repair your model no matter the extent of the damage so that your model will be back to its “like new” condition. We can also refit your model to its current or new configuration.


Just as it says... We can repaint the entire scale model or just a small section. Our trained Model Technicians can touch up any area on any scale model no matter the scale.


Scale Reproductions specializes in custom-crafted scale models and prototypes for all major industries. We provide the highest quality scale models to meet your submitted specifications for trade show and corporate display purposes (museum quality). We use the latest 2D/3D CAD/CAM computer generated drawings to achieve the correct scale of your requested model.

Scale Reproductions is 100% USA made as all scale models are fabricated in our facility located in Pensacola, FL. We welcome all customers to visit our facility at anytime throughout their model's build progress to inspect their model. We will also issue progress photos for your review and approval before your model is complete and ready for delivery.